Harrison's speaking programs are designed for businesses, schools, and conferences. He delivers funny, interactive, and educational presentations on creativity and wellness.


LUNCH N' LAUGH is corporate entertainment designed to inspire individual expression, diffuse stress, and spark important dialogue on the topic of wellness in the workplace. Using comedy and audience engagement, Harrison shares his valuable life experience as an artist and professional living with Bipolar in order to break down stigma, and offering practical tools to support wellness in the workplace.


RETROSPECULATION is a powerful talk on mental health, addiction, and life choices. Harrison invites the audience into pages of the sketchbooks he kept during his dramatic journey back to health, and explains how creative journalling is a transformative ally for everyone as we navigate our way through life.

I’ve never been more inspired. Your message is a wake up call to us all. Thoroughly enjoyed your presentation - and the improv was awesome!
— Shari Virtue, Teacher, Niagara College
Thank you again for sharing your journey with our students; it is very helpful and important for them to see that with resiliency and the right supports, there is always hope.
— Brent Monkley, Vice Principal, Waterdown H.S.